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Maple Valley Farm

A 6th Generation Dairy and Maple Syrup Producer Farm offering many Maple products including Maple Syrup, Maple Candy, Maple Cashews & Peanuts, Maple Sugar, and Maple Beef Jerky made from our homegrown beef! We also offer our homegrown freezer beef.
Contact Us:  330-769-2936


Elsewhere Acres & Apothecary

Elsewhere Acres & Apothecary creates high-quality artisan soaps, salves, and other home and pet products using eco-friendly ingredients. Our mission is to cultivate connection to nature through the senses, seasons, and hands-on learning. Through core values including diversity, reciprocity and care, we aim to educate our community on the power of regenerative agriculture to heal our bodies, communities, and the planet.

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Bella's Kolacky

Tender, Flaky, melt-in-your-mouth cream cheese pastry with a dusting of sugar for just the right amount of sweetness. Customers describe them as “sinfully addictive” and “dangerously delicious”

Contact Us: 330-350-1408


Family Roots Farm

Family Roots Farm is a 5th generation farm specializing in organic heirloom garlic in Hinckley, Ohio. The farm has been in the family since 1896. Owners Rod and Jennifer Sharpnack are proud to not only be certified naturally grown, but also to be bio-dynamic, and an OEFFA certified organic farm. In 2018 they were also awarded their accreditation in permaculture-design farming. The farm grows a staple of 10 varieties of garlic. Reputable seed sales recognized by The Garlic Seed Foundation and The Midwest Garlic Grower's Association. Table garlic and garlic powders, salts and decor are available year-round. The Sharpnack’s also lecture, consult and train farmers in organic and biodynamic farming. Check out their website, facebook, and Instagram.

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BW Hog Farm

Locally Raised Pork straight from our farm to your table.

Email Us:


Sherry's Classic Cuisine

Fresh selection of nut butters, granola, home made breads and more.  All my products are made in my commercial kitchen with no preservatives and no chemicals. Never frozen or refrigerated, always fresh.

Contact Us, Text: 216-905-8559

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Cody Grey

Freshly grown local  produce 


Front 9 Farms

We are a ten-acre market-garden farm established in 2015. We grow a large diversity of agricultural products including 40 herbaceous vegetables, 30 different types of herbs, and 25 fruiting crops, as well as broiler chickens, egg-laying chickens, and turkeys. Our goal is to provide fresh, highly nutritious produce to our local community. Our produce is distributed through our CSA program and through two farmers’ markets.


Banzhaf  Garten Organic Farm

We are a small farm (20 acres) producing certified organic fruits and vegetables.  We use biological methods of soil management to grow the healthiest possible product.  We have been certified organic through OEFFA (see Affiliations) since 2003.  In addition to a variety of vegetable crops we also sell wildcrafted berries in season.  During the winter months we engage in maintaining our 14 acre forested area for timber management with the purpose of preserving native species of trees and plants while beating back the non-native invasive species (ie. multi-flora rose).  Our fruit tree orchard is a work in progress currently with 47 apple and pear trees at varying stages of maturity.  The majority of our product is sold at farmer's markets (see Affiliations, Farmer's Market in Medina County), and through Local Roots in Wooster/Ashland (Roots Ashland). 

Preferred Contact Us, Text:  419-496-1424

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Garnes Apiary

Garnes Apiary offers fantastic locally produced honey and bee products. Over 140 honey bee hives to produce local bees and honey!

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Medina County Pie Company

Upon bringing our first child home from the Medina Hospital I was torn and wanted to be a stay home mom. But how could we pull it off? We down sized everything we could think of. Then doubled the garden and fruit trees. Sacrifices soon turned to blessings. Not only was our family eating healthy but enjoying fresh homemade apple, blueberry, rhubarb and blackberry pies. Each one made with less sugar and more love. Anyone that came for dinner would say the same thing. “You need to start selling your pies”. Took it as a compliment… but they were serious. After years of this I finally decided to bake some fresh pies and take them to a nearby farmer’s market. Been baking pies ever since.

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Miller’s Olde Time Kettle Corn

Doug and Wendy Miller 30-year residents of Litchfield Township serving fresh popped kettle corn.

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Contact Us: 330-760-0885

or email:

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Cleveland Custom Cards 

Cleveland Custom Cards was born to offer reasonably priced, one-of-a-kind cards and invites for your special event or occasion. Browse pre-made designs or have one customized to your specifications.

Contact Us: 216-694-8363

Or Email:

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The Happy Hooker

Unusual Crafts, Kitchen Towels, Dammit Dolls, Scrubbies, hot pads, rugs

Contact Us : 440-582-6351

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Farmer Kris

“Your Farmer-Your Friend”- Medina County Veteran Organic Produce Farmer, also a baker/pastry chef with the “best ever” baked goods.

Contact Us:  330-419-2751

or email:

Toe Trim

Toe Trim is a domestic pet nail trimming boutique that aides in pet wellness. Toe Trim specializes in domestic pet nail care through the use of alternate cut lines and filing, we work to recede quick length. Our goal is to not only make your pet more comfortable, but also keep people and property safe. Stop by and have a chat with Toe Trim regarding your pet's nail care needs.

Call or Text: 419-750-0931


Sycamore Valley Farms

We are Josh and Lindsey Welch and we are the proud owners of Sycamore Valley Farms in Ashland, Ohio. We believe in conserving Heritage breeds that were raised by our forefathers and are committed to humanely raising heritage beef, pork, chicken breeds through sustainable agricultural practices. Our animals are bred naturally, raised humanely, and always on pasture and we believe in investing in infrastructure that allows us to mimic the natural environment through rotational grazing using a variety of species.

We believe in transparency. You want to know how our animals are raised? We welcome your questions, encourage visits to the farm, and open the doors through our social media. We want you to know your farmer and the food that you feed your family.

Pasture raised chicken, grass fed beef and forested pork will be available for purchase at the market.

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B and Company Flowers

Seasonal Sunflowers and Wildflowers

Pop Pop's Bake Shop

Challah Bread, French Baguettes, Raw Honey, and Maple Syrup


Black Flag Coffee


Black Flag Coffee was started out of a love for all things coffee. We are a husband and wife owned business that has a great appreciation for small batch roasters and have sampled countless beans from across the country. In 2021, we decided to finally jump into the coffee roasting world as we felt a need to be self-sufficient financially due to the current climate of the world. We had talked about starting our own coffee shop or mobile coffee truck / trailer (which may also be in the works) for the last several years and just never pulled the trigger. Now we are all in. The passion we have for developing unique coffee flavors and roasts as well as providing a top-notch coffee experience, is one we will stand behind until the end. We will not waiver in our commitment to our customers and hope that you will join us in our endeavors to create great products that can be enjoyed by all. We will give no quarter!

Smith's Fruit Farm

In 1978, Bill and Sally Smith along with Patty Candela began Smith’s Fruit Farm on a 60-acre plot of land on Route 84 in Saybrook Township. All three were retired educators in Ashtabula County. Eventually two houses were

built and they lived side by side and worked the farm together. They grew

plant by plant, year after year to develop the farm into what it is today.

Currently, Smith’s Fruit Farm is owned and operated by Patty’s three nephews Jim, Steve and Mike Candela, who are also educators in Ashtabula County. The farm has 1500 apple trees, 1000 peach trees and also grows grapes, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. There are 15 different varieties of apples grown at the orchard and fruit is sold on-site and also at various farm markets.

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Tea Hill Farms

Tea hill farms is a 7th generation family owned farm located in Loudonville, Ohio. The farm raises a variety of pastured and grass fed meats including chicken, pork, duck, turkey, lamb, and beef. Tea hill also makes handcrafted gourmet chicken patties, meatballs, and sausages using local ingredients.

Buzzy's Sweet Treats

At Buzzy's Sweet Treats, we serve handcrafted popsicles that are "all-natural" and filled with fresh, seasonal fruit along with wholesome ingredients. We avoid using refined sugar, preservatives or food dyes. Instead, each delicious sweet treat contains natural sweeteners such as honey, agave nectar, or organic cane sugar. Our seasonal flavors include lemonade, peach, strawberry and berry blast and we are looking to expand our offerings for this upcoming season to include novelties such as fudgesicles, creamsicles and ice cream sandwiches. Additionally, we also carry beverages such as water, tea and juice.

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Banana Heads Bakery

Banana Heads is a small local start up bakery out of Lodi (named after our crazy English Bull Terriers). We make clean, delicious doggo snacks. We personally sample every batch we make!  We go local when possible and organic when possible. Our treats are made from "as scratch" as it gets, starting with our flours. We have small farm and utilize what our animals provide us with. We have chickens, turkeys, and bees (and are always open to more animals!)

We LOVE what we do and it is 100% our passion. BHB wants to share with our community our union of love for baking and love for animals!!

Banana Heads. Clean. Dope. Snacks.

The Spore Store

The Spore Store is a mushroom growing company focusing on supplying locals with fresh gourmet mushrooms at a fair price along with providing high quality medicinal mushroom products. Certified by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to sell to restaurants and grocery stores. The owner, Leland Gordon, has grown mushrooms for 20+ years as a hobbyist and professionally for 3. With a deep interest in new techniques and varieties there's always something in the works at The Spore Store.

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